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líder impermeable
4core outdoor ODC connector plug/socket
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The ODC connectors together with the support optical cable, are becoming the standard interface specified in 3G, 4G and
Wimax Bae Station remote redios and Fiber-to-the-Antenna applications.

The ODC cable assembly is based on the N Type RF coas connector. However, the product is not limited to the above
applications. The ODC cable assemblies have passed tests like salt mist, vibration and shock and meet protection class

They are well suited for Industrial and Aerospace and Defense applications.


• Compact design with 4x1.25mm ferrule

• Wide range of cables to be used, 5-6mm OD cable with duplex 2.0mm to 3.0mm jacketed subunits

• 4 Fiber, Singlemode and Multimode

• Fulfills performance Standard IEC61753-1 Cat.E

• Simple assembly requiring no special tools

• Screwed locking mechanism

• Water proof, dust proof and corrostion resistant, protection caps



•Oil & Ga, Broadcast & Industrial


Item Type Parameter
Insertion Loss SM ≤0.30dB
MM ≤0.30dB
Return Loss SM ≥50dB
MM ≥35dB
Repetition Test Additional Loss≤0.1dB, Reture Loss Variability<5dB
Temperature Stability(-40℃~85℃) Additional Loss≤0.2dB, Reture Loss Variability<5dB
Free fall resistance 500 falls onto concrete from 1.2M height
Bump resistance 4000 bumps @ 40g acceleration
Tensile Strength Tensile of 1000N, cable dependent
Operating temperature -40 to +70°C
Storage temperature -40 to +70°C
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líder impermeable
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